Thursday, May 22, 2003

THE OH, NO VELLOS: The Ivors - not so much an award as an attempt to make Mr. Novello spin in his grave - have been announced and, once again, the name of the great man has been insulted by the awarding of prizes to the workmanlike instead of the craftsmanlike. Really, they should rename the bloody things the Ringos. If we must they've chosen Coldplay as songwriters of the year. David Gray's The Other Side - a track so bland it routinely triggers the emergency tapes in radio stations up and down the land as the monitors register it as not being there at all - was the song of the year. That's right, they believe it to be the best song written in 2002.
A break from the outrage came when Weak Become Heroes won best "contemporary" song for The Streets, although choosing a song which lambasts people why buy same-old, same-old songs in the middle of this blizzard of pre-cast mediocrity could just have been a cruel joke.
Then, back to completely-unsurprising: Avril Lavigne won best international hit for Complicated (this is on a par with me winning writer of the year for something that I've copied off another website); Liberty X's Just A Little Bit was most-(over)played song of the year.
Roxy Music, Brian Wilson and U2 were all given awards in return for showing up ("marking their achievements and longevity").

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