Thursday, May 08, 2003

WELL... MAYBE: BBC News seems quite confident that "[t]he police caution for musician Pete Townshend is a chance to put the episode of paedophile allegations, headlines, public scrutiny and uncertainty behind him, as if it's not now a black mark that will follow him around forever. A slight curiosity remains, though - Mr. Townshend says "The police have unconditionally accepted that these were my motives in looking at this site and that there was no other nefarious purpose, and as a result they have decided not to charge me. I accept that I was wrong to access this site, and that by doing so, I broke the law, and I have accepted the caution that the police have given me." So a man who the police accept wasn't up to anything wrong accepts a caution and agrees to sign the sex offender's register quite happily. Maybe.

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