Friday, June 27, 2003

BLUE HAT FOR A BLUE DAY: Bad news week for Blue - first up, their minifest in Hyde Park looks in jeopardy as The Royal Parks say "nobody's paid us, we don't think they're happening." And then, the 70's band Blue have launched a legal action. They reckon that having a new band called Blue around has cost them - wait for it - Five Million Quid in damage to their career and reputation. Or, in other words, they want us to believe that there being a newer band with the same name has caused them to miss out on five times the entire projected value of Rachel S Club's solo career.

Even the judge is having none of it: The judge asked Mr Purle: "Are you seriously saying that fans of one group would mistake one for the other? There is somewhat a difference of appearance. One is aged like you and me, the other is a boy band."
When Mr Purle countered: "My clients were a boy band in the 1970s," the judge replied: "Oh no. Boy band is a style of music that is a bit more recent than the Charleston."

Yeah, the choosing of a rubbish name without checking if someone had been equally lazy at some point in the past was a slip-up. But five million quid? My gran's false teeth are laughing.

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