Friday, June 27, 2003

DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL AINT SO LITTLE NO MORE: Having threatened to sue them, Britney now seems to be giving US tab the Star the wink that she has enjoyed the odd line or two - and not of the sort she mangled in Crossroads. Of course, she says errors... in the past... regrets... let's change the subject:
, "Let's just say that you reach a stage in your life where you are curious. And I was curious at one point. But I'm way too focused to let anything stop me. Was it a mistake? Yes." And although the Louisiana native admits to having indulged in narcotics, she insists reports of her wild partying and heavy drinking have been grossly exaggerated. She continues, "Everyone talks about my year of wild living - but seriously, I haven't gone out in four weeks. And after two drinks, I'm good to go. My favorite drinks are Malibu pineapple and Amaretto sours - I can't drink strong drinks. Of course there have been times when I've done a shot or two like on my birthday. Yes, I'll go out and have a good tome. Why shouldn't I? And just like anybody my age, maybe I've woken up the next morning and said, 'Whooo... that was a crazy night.' A few weeks ago I was at (New York nightclub) Lot 61 and me and my girlfriend Jeannie did stand up in the booth and dance. Hey, Julia Roberts took off her bra at Hogs And Heifers - so what we did wasn't real bad!"

Now, there's some classic misdirection Paul Daniels would be proud of... I've done cocaine Hey, did I tell you about my friend who stood on a chair in a pub...?

Thanks for the tip-off to Charlie (possibly a code name)

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