Monday, June 23, 2003

LIBERTINES DEBACLE: THE LAWNMOWERS SPEAK: The Rest Of The Libertines have issued a statement to defending their decision to milk cash out the audience before too many of them twig they've lost the main attraction ("stating their intention to carry on so as not to disappoint the fans"):

"The Libertines are not splitting up and their future is secure.

"The Libertines will be going ahead with their UK tour even though Peter Doherty will not appear at the shows.

"Peter is unwell and the band are very concerned for his well being, they have told him out of concern for his health that he needs to get better before he can rejoin them. They also want it to be known they fully support him through this difficult time.

"The band are going ahead with the tour and will be joined on guitar by 21 year old east Londoner Nick. It was an extremely difficult decision for Carl, Gary and John to continue with the tour, but they decided they would proceed so as not to disappoint their fans, who they trust will understand the adverse situation they are in."

So... that's it... You're ill Pete. We think you need a rest. We'll help you by telling you to get lost until you sort yourself. Clear?

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