Monday, June 23, 2003

THE LONGEST WALK ENDS WITH BUT NOT A SINGLE ONE OF STEPS: Rob Dean reports from last night's Crusaid event. "I thought you might be interested" he starts... oh, indeed we are:

Thought you might be interested to hear that a number of D-list celebs were flaunting their talents last night at the after-walk party following Crusaid's 'Walk for Life' in London ( After a 10km fundraising stroll we were well geared up to see who would be desperately drumming up publicity, er, showing their support for Crusaid that is.

Sadly we missed most of Jemini's set so I can't comment on whether the, ahem, technical problems of Eurovision had been sorted out. Then Hayley Evetts came on and sang some Anastacia covers, fairly unmemorably. Haydon of Ultimate Kaos/Reborn in the USA appeared in full somersaulting/vest-removing/crowd-eye-fucking mode which set many of the queens and teenage girls in the audience off to fairly obscene levels of drooling.

We were in paroxysms of excitement, though, about the billed headlining appearance of One True Voice (I was hoping to heckle that sour-faced Jamie). When the compere (a drag act whose name I didn't catch but who was very professional and good at working the crowd in a Butlins stylee) announced that 'something had come up' and they wouldn't be showing their faces after all, there was something of an indifferent murmur from the crowd.

But who should come on in their place but the other five Popstars Rivals boys, who've apparently become a band together and are calling themselves 'Fix'! I can't remember all of their names but there was that nice Peter who had to bail out of the show because he was too old, and Chris the Geordie and the one who looks like Robbie from Eastenders and another two. I can't see anything about them on the web so I think this must be a new development - hoping to be the next Liberty X no doubt. They were chronically under-rehearsed, that's for sure, and they did a cover of Prince's 'Gett Off' which I rather enjoyed but my other half thought was ill-advised.

Best of all, they opened their set with a song called 'Contagious' ('Contagious... deep inside me') which was perhaps not the most carefully considered choicefor an HIV and AIDS charity gig.

Anyway, not to be cruel, it was a really well-organised and enjoyable do. And Chris the Geordie and Hayley Evetts went on the dodgems together afterwards, so you could bump them if you wanted to.

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