Sunday, June 22, 2003

STAY AT A BURGER BAR: In a desperate bid to try and squeeze a few more quid out of the Hard Rock concept, they're going to open more Hard Rock Hotels. We've always been a bit sniffy about Hard Rock Cafes - we've not seen the reason for a mark-up of two hundred percent on a beefburger because you're eating it under a guitar once played by Elvis Costello's backing band; the value of a Hard Rock Hotel is even more lost on us. We can just about see why - with very little pop related to visit - a tourist in London might make an hour to look at Eric Clapton's plectrum and eat an overpriced bap-and-beef combination (two hours, if you include queueing) but to spend their entire holiday staying in such a place? Is anyone really that desperate to enforce a marketing concept of fun on themselves?
Still, they do have one advantage: if you throw your TV out the window, rather than having to pay for it, you could claim cash back for adding veracity to their concept.

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