Wednesday, June 25, 2003

WELL, AT LEAST HE ISN'T A NAZI ANY MORE: David Bowie is, apparently, a copyright terrorist. We're not sure what it means, either - that suicide bombers aren't allowed to sample him? That he sets off small explosions at Trademark and Patent libraries? Erm, apparently it means that he sold off his catalogue to bond holders (or, rather, a single holder) and now it's not worth as much as it used to be. And somehow this is like Exxon selling oil futures, because... (checks again)... there's all this stuff that's worth X, and so they sell it on for a small portion of X, thereby reducing the very size of the economy. Now, while we can see the problem when it's oil, in what way does this make Bowie a Copyright Terrorist? It smacks merely of an eye grabbing headline slapped on a slightly confused article, to us. The phrase 'copyright weapons of mass destruction' is actually, well, a rhetorical dirty bomb.

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