Wednesday, July 30, 2003

ANY MORE REASONS TO HATE ROBBIE WILLIAMS?: Here's another one: he's meant to be a big Port Vale fan - indeed, he's often made much of how he loves the team, and dreamed of playing for it and blee blee blee blah blah blah. So, then, why has he spent ten million on taking an executive box at Chelsea?. (This, of course, is without even touching on the fact that anyone who really loves football would no more want to watch a match from a box than an angling fan would elect to pursue their passion by visiting those fairground stalls where you use rods with magnets to catch plastic ducks). Port Vale nearly went out of business last year, and a successful fans consortium bought the club out - I'd imagine that if their supposed biggest fan had ten million to burn on a football team, they could have put it to slightly better use.

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