Tuesday, July 08, 2003

FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: Details of Tommy Mottola's vanity project have seeped out into the world. Where most clapped out businessmen spend their days pottering about in the garden and reading up about The Great War, Mottola is going to spend his twilight years running the resurrected Casablanca records, former home The Captain and Tennille, the duetting vegetarians. The whole hobby is being bankrolled by Universal, and that must really be cheering up investors in its French parent group Vivendi. Since he left Sony under a bit of a cloud, Mottola has been showing off his talent for talent by running a Search for a Star show Vh-1, where his skill, contacts and indefinable ability to sniff out a winner has produced... erm... [cough]... Did we mention he knows what Mariah Carey looks like without her skirt on? Although, admittedly, that's not that unusual.

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