Monday, July 28, 2003

NAZI SCUM FUCK OFF: Having tutted over the Pride boys getting into bed with Clear Channel, it's nice to be able to actually go "ah... genuine music and politics and stuff", with the kicking-off of the love music, hate racism tour. Every date you get the almost-so-wonderful they should be stuffed Miss Black America, Antihero and Cultural Ice Age, plus local support too. The remaining dates are:
Mon 28 July Cardiff
Tues 29 July Exeter
Weds 30 July Brighton
Thu 31 July Stoke-on-Trent
Sat 2 August Scarborough
Sun 3 August Carlisle
Mon 4 August Blackburn
Tue 5 August Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Wed 6 August Dudley
Fri 8 August London - Brixton
Sun 10 August Bury St.Edmunds
Mon 11 August Cambridge
Fri 8 August London - West End (MBA/CIA split LMHR benefit single launch party)

As the last date suggests, there's going to be a split single to raise funds as well as - hey - consciousness. To date, Ford don't seem to be interested in sponsoring the event.

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