Tuesday, July 01, 2003

OOH, YOU ARE AWFUL... BUT WE LIKE YOU: Ah, Ben at Silent Words, we have no wrath for you. We just wish you'd have got your Glastonbury tickets for a few quid less. Our issues with the Festival lead to us desperately hoping they'll have a bit of a rethink about things like ticket distribution and trying to have the sponsorship and pretending they don't issues. We certainly wouldn't suggest that anyone going to the event be shunned from popular company and forced to live in a tent for ever. Apart from anything, if nobody went to Glastonbury, who'd provide the amusing atmosphere for the TV coverage?

Talking of the festival, what's this we see in the Guardian
"Mr Eavis conceded, however, that the ticketing restrictions - the full allocation of 112,500 sold out in 18 hours - meant that many Glastonbury regulars had been excluded. In particular, he said, he was considering ways to boost the numbers of teenagers and students among a crowd that seemed slightly older than usual, and was overwhelmingly white and middle-class. "

Didn't he say in an interview last year that he was happy that the higher price of tickets had kept out teenagers and the sorts of people who would cause trouble?

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