Thursday, July 03, 2003

POST-DEBATE POST: Couple of perspectives on the Great British Music Debate have arrived during the day. First, Ian Pointer (of writes:

I listened to the debate last night, and you'll be happy to know that both Knight's hazy-eyed revisionism and the Tomcraft singles sales were both rebutted by the panel.
Also interesting: the bloke from EMI seemed to cast doubt on Robbie's £80m contract, saying that it was nowhere near that much...

That in itself is interesting - almost as if EMI are slowly starting to cool on Williams. At the time of the deal, they seemed happy enough to allow the idea of him being an eighty million pound man be reported - presumably figuring that it was all good publicity. Now they're taking baby steps away and trying to stress that there was never that much on the table. I wonder why...

Next up, Ade Rixon - who's also brought us that thing up there about VAST - coughs politely at the showcase line-up:

Re. A Heated Debate: Peppercorn isn't even a new act. Her album was released as "Free Love" back in 2001 (check Amazon). Her record company appears to be trying to relaunch her (by self-titling and re-releasing the same album), following a deafening lack of interest the first time round. I don't blame them for trying again; it's acoustic pop-rock with a sassy R'n'B attitude, exactly the sort of thing that normally sells fine and gets plenty of airplay on Radio 2. Perhaps it got lost in the glut of similar acts (Norah, Vanessa, Natalie, etc). Not my bag at all, but my wife loves it.

Which is, perhaps, another reason why the record companies are so happy in the New Labour environment - Tony is quite fond of re-launching old policies dressed up as if they were new, isn't he? It's the plague of the age...

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