Thursday, July 03, 2003

SECOND PRIZE: TWO DAYS IN THE STUDIO: There's an interesting sounding (by which we mean the track itself seems to be interesting, not that the actual track when played sounds interesting, although it might well) free download of new Echoboy stuff online at the moment; be warned, though - downloading it will enter you into a competition to win a day in the studio with echoboy, thererby condemning you to sit in a small, windowless block watching the same thing happening over and over and over, with the extra chance of being blamed as a negative presence if it's all going badly. Being invited to "come down the studio" is a clear indication that while your co-operation is needed, it's not actually required so instead of meeting you in a place where interaction might be required, you're going to go down to their place of work and hang around them when they're going to be too busy to speak to you. Bear this in mind, by the way, groupies...

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