Monday, July 28, 2003

SHE WAS PROBABLY SCARED IN CASE IT WAS FULL OF IMMIGRANTS: Dannii Minogue - brightest woman alive? She's onstage, and sees a bloke get into trouble on a nearby lake. She tries to point and get the audience to notice to send help to the man. The audience, unsurprisingly, think it's part of a wacky new dance routine and go wild, in a mild, its-not-her-sister sort of way.

Of course, she could have stopped singing and said "Hey, look, there's a guy out there who might drown."

Clearly, she thought it was better to leave the bloke to struggle on his own rather than make it obvious she was miming. Luckily, the bloke managed to save himself, and nobody really cares if ole' ghoul face mimes her songs, since her entire career is little more than her pretending to be her sister anyway.

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