Monday, July 07, 2003

WE HAVE THE POWER: We were a bit surprised to find ourselves selected as the 94th most powerful person in the UK Media - well, not just us, the other million or so bloggers shared the honour of beating the former head of Channel 4 and, ahem, Lord Reith's ghost in the MediaGuardian powerlist, but it's a starting point.

This might be a good point to announce that we've been given access to the workings of Blogcritics and so we'll be sharing selected postings with the Blog Borg (we've been assured that Eric Olsen is the spit of Seven of Nine) from time to time. And we'd also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who reads this stuff; especially those who send us contributions and stuff that adds colour and shape to the site. Oh, and for those of you who were wondering over on Gigwise - yup, this site is the bastard child of Liverpool Hoopla.

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