Tuesday, July 15, 2003

WE WILL SCARE YOU: Sorry to do this to you first thing in the morning, but is this the most scary thing you've ever seen?


This picture was taken to mark the re-recording of Queen's We Will Rock You, only with John Farnham on lead vocals instead of Fred. We have absolutely no idea why they've bothered. Brian May's explanation is "I put about 15 more guitars on, and did a little jiggery-pokery. Then Roger came in. He actually LIKED the arrangement - a result for me! And he loved Johnny's vocal - it gets better the more you listen to it. I have to say Roger delivered a KILLER drum track, in no more than couple of takes plus a few 'special requests' - you OZ guys an' gals are going to LOVE this!!!! I actually think everyone else will too - the whole thing is a nice progression for the song - it starts off very true to the original, but gets to a new place, kind of post 'Five', post Pavarotti, post New York .... It sound huge. What? Well, it will be a favourite in MY car anyway - screw you guys!" [Exclamation points, meaningless babble May's own]

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