Friday, August 22, 2003

CALIFORNIA UBER MY DEAD BODY: The Dead Kenendys decided that, what with their silver anniversary coming up, they should bury the hatchet with Jello and invited him to join them for the silver concert. Jello has graciously accepted, chcukling "we've been through too much to let those stupid rows obliterate our achievements and love..." Okay, he hasn't. His response was: "To put it mildly, this reeks of false advertising. They obviously aren't serious or they would have called me on the phone. Instead, their message came through their lawyers and their publicist. What's the matter, not enough Hot Topic bozo teens flocking to stuff cash in their bikinis? Are they having that much trouble selling tickets to a bar that holds less than 600 people? If they really want to, 'bury the hatchet,' why won't they stop suing me? They have been dragging me through court for almost six years now, and have refused attempts to compromise and settle. I feel sorry for anyone duped into paying top dollar for a ticket because they heard, 'I might be there'. But I hardly think I'm 'letting fans down' by refusing to be part of a nostalgia scam." (Erm... except at the moment it's Biafra suing the rump Kennedys, isn't it?)

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