Thursday, August 21, 2003

DISINGENUOUS, n: "People thought that they [The Beckhams] went to the States to try and launch themselves there, and it wasn't that. We had a ridiculous amount of requests from shows like Jay Leno and Letterman. And they did one interview with Barbara Walters; they did American Vogue, because Anna Wintour is a friend of Victoria's, and they did the MTV movie awards. There was never a big, 'Let's launch ourselves in America'" - Pish and Buck's publicist, Caroline McAteer, in today's G2.

Isn't it a bit Alanis that Victoria's even such a crap self-publicist she needs someone else to do it for her?

Still, lucky that it wasn't about launching themselves in the States, isn't it? What with them apparently being edited out of the US showings of the MTV awards and all.

Talking of Alanis-version irony, despite the success of Bend it Like Beckham there, people in the States still have little idea who he is. Indeed, the film has probably done more to make a star of its cameoed Gary Lineker than it has of Becks.

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