Wednesday, August 20, 2003

FIDDLESTICKS: The Leeds leg of the Reading Festival nearly came a cropper for the 17th time last night, due to sloppy work on the part of the Mean Fiddler organisation. It turns out they'd forgotten to get planning permission for the roads needed to get stuff to and from the Festival site, and one Leeds City Councillor was pushing to use this as an excuse to get the whole thing called off just a couple of days before the first festival goer turns up to set fire to a chemical toilet. In fairness, the Mean Fiddler's Melvin Benn admitted they should have sorted this out before and an emergency meeting of the City Council decided to turn a blind eye to the error, but really: if you're running a festival which is regarded with something between mistrust and contempt by the local population, you really need to be Ceaser's Wife.

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