Thursday, August 07, 2003

FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE: Ben from A1's lady admirer has been back in touch. It's only fair we share this with you:

Hes as bright as they get, have u seen his results from his education!! People just think bcuz hes in a boyband and sings pop music he is thick but hes not hes neva got a bad word 2 say about any1 and im meetin him soon so just wait till I tell him!

Hmmm... bright as they get, eh? See, we don't think he's dumb so much because he's in a boyband, but more because he does seem like a supermarket whose bread counter has been cleared early to us. We do think he's cute, and we're actually sure he is a lovely, sweet guy. But we wouldn't want to have him in charge of our quartermastering.

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