Saturday, August 02, 2003

MORE BAD FEELING: Tonight's Williams concert appears to have gone tits-up again; BBC News 24 is running interviews with people who were leaving because they felt the event was overcrowded and unsafe; the reporter onscreen at the moment says that "dozens" of people had appraoched her saying that they were "unhappy" with the way things had been organised. There wasn't the traffic snarl up of yesterday - "merely" a mile and a half tailback (although getting out looks like it'll be a nightmare again) because there wasn't the added weight of rush hour traffic. Tonight, the Hertfordshire Police are blaming the fans for not planning their journeys properly (yeah, fancy setting out assuming the organisers would have had their shit together). Again, it's clear: the number of tickets wasn't set at a level that the venue could comfortably accomodate, but at a point where some spurious 'record' would be set. Blocked.

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