Monday, August 04, 2003

PARENT, HEAL THYSELF: The Britney-wannabe debate continues, with Louise Chunn ("fashion editor and parent") worrying about how kids dress these days: "It may not lead to any increase in the rate of paedophile attacks, but I would have thought that seeing swarms of 10-year-old Kylie lookalikes turning up to school could still get a heated reaction out of a sizeable chunk of the adult male population. They just look too damned sexy for comfort." No, no they don't. If you find ten year old girls sexually attractive, and you're not a ten year old boy, you'll find them sexy if they wear a sack or dress like Season One Willow. If you don't, like the vast majority of males over the age of eleven, a ten year old in a crop top isn't going to suddenly turn you into a raging paedo because, precisely, they don't look sexy - they look like little girls dressing up. Indeed, the words of sense in the Guardian piece come from a fifteen year old: Anna, 15: 'Girls do grow up a lot quicker these days, but I don't feel that we are being robbed of our innocence. Girls as young as 10 look really silly in skimpy and revealing clothes, and older teenagers than me think that it's really sad.'

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