Friday, August 22, 2003

RIGHT UP THERE WITH THE BRAMBER PIPE MUSEUM: Jackson County Visitor Center has been so weighed down with (mysteriously unwanted) John 'Cougar' Mellencamp stuff they've had to open a whole separate 'display' dedicated to him. "When people stop to get information on Jackson County and see the display, hopefully they will also shop at some of our stores" says Staci Akemon, who is helping oversee the building of this shrine, this latter-day Lourdes. We're not quite sure the thought process "Oh, look, there is a bandana worn by the bloke who did Jack and Diane. I shall nip into this store and buy a hammer and some glue" is ever likely to form in anyone's minds, but we wish them luck.

Meanwhile, grumpy letter to last night's Liverpool Echo complains about the presence of a 'Fingerprints of Elvis' attraction on the city's Albert Dock, ruminating that maybe the presence of 'The King' under the very noses of the Beatles industry is part of a plot to try and undermine the "Fabulous Four". Erm... maybe, except Fingerprints is run by the people who also run The Beatles Story Experience Visitor Attraction Museum round the corner.

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