Tuesday, August 12, 2003

UP THE JUNCTION: Pete's now spilled his brains to the Evening Standard, admitting being on the drucks. This is rather like telling the Pope you're a rent boy and hoping for a blessing.

"'Yes I'm a heroin addict, yes I'm addicted to crack cocaine, and I don't know what to do. When I was arrested for burglary, they found traces of opiates and crack cocaine in my blood. I'm all cut up, unsure, I don't know what I'm doing, I need a good kicking and I need some help. I went to speak to Carlos about how I had a drummer and bass player living on my floor. They are on the dole and I needed to pay them because they are musicians. I was going down to Carlos's to say I can't pay them out of my own money and I found myself shouting at him and it turned out I was arguing with my reflection. When I realised, I booted the door in. I was engulfed by complete misery and despair. It wasn't revenge. It was more 'why are you ignoring me' - a cry from the darkness. I do feel remorse, I feel sick.' "

We're not sure if when he said "I feel sick" he meant he was feeling wretched, or if he was just warning the Daily Mailesque hack he was about to vomit over his shoes. We're not quite sure how you get from arguing with your own shadow to legging it up Tottenham Court Road with a video and an antique guitar under your arm, but there you go. He's unlikely to have won any friends by bubbling the drummer and bassist for earning money while claiming the dole, either. But, really: aren't the record companies and management supposed to care for their artists? Isn't making sure their charge's drugs remain addling rather than controlling one of the things they take a sizeable chunk of the rewards for? An ill man badly let down, isn't it?

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