Wednesday, October 29, 2003

THE CURSE FOLDS BACK: Mogwai, so long happily spreading their curse amongst unsuspecting record buyers, have been bitten on their own butt, it seems:

We greatly regret that Mogwai will be unable to play at Thursday's Live Radio 1 Broadcast in Brighton due to one of the band being very ill.
I'm afraid it was doctor's orders for John who has been really sick for the last few days. Hopefully he'll be OK in a few days but there is no possibility of him recovering quickly enough for Thursday's show.
As we also have a Japanese tour beginning very soon, it is essential that John is rested before the travelling begins.
Mogwai would like to apologise for these unforseen and uncontrollable events. As it's the first cancellation Mogwai have ever had in the 8 years of playing together, we're hoping that everyone affected understands our situation fully.

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