Thursday, October 09, 2003

MORRISSEY, YOUR REVENGE COULD BE NEAR: Come with us, if you will writes Frank Muir* back to the early days of Morrissey's solo career. You might recall that his debut album featured a track called Margaret On The Guillotone, which suggested that decent, right-thinking folks would be happy to see the then Prime Minister having her head separated from her shoulders by a cold steel blade. For his trouble, at least one Tory MP called for him to be tried for treason - after all, threatening the Prime Minister's life is a serious business.

Now, bearing how seriously the Tories took that, what do we think they'll be doing about the chap who appeared on the TV last night saying that he'd like to shoot the current Prime Minister? Surely, if Morrissey's daydream about slicing off Thatcher's head should be investigated by the police, the Conservative Party would insist on similar actions against any threat to the serving Head of Her Majesty's government? And yet, the calls for Iain Duncan Smith (for it was he) to be charged with treason have yet to reach our ears. Funny, that.

* - Not really.

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