Tuesday, October 07, 2003

MY, HOW YOU DO SURPRISE ME: Thanks, Fred Durst for clearing up that he's not dating Halle Berry - although the denial wasn't really needed, since we could see for ourselves that she wasn't dead, hell hadn't frozen over and the boy from next door hadn't walked on the moon. What is going on in Fred's head that he thinks he needs to rush out a statement anyway? Maybe he thinks that Limp Bizkit - sorry, limpbizkit fans are too thick to work out that when Halle kisses him in the video, she's acting. And being paid tonnes of money. And probably had five men standing by with super strength power hoses to scrub her clean, clean, clean. Actually, what was going on in Halle Berry's head to make her take such a role, anyway? We're guessing that if she'd won the bet, Jennifer Lopez would be getting fucked up the ass by marilyn manson even as we speak.

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