Friday, October 31, 2003

NOT SO SLICK, RICK: How American Justice works: As part of the War On Terror Paranoia fest, Slick Rick has been locked up in prison for months - he'd been given leave to stay despite having served a prison sentence a while back, but then got arrested again when he tried to get home after an overseas trip for almost a year now while they try and work out what to do with him - does Tom Ridge really think Slick Rick is a threat to the American way of life? Now, all this would be galling enough, but at the same time, a bloke called Steven Glenn has assumed his identity, stalked his wife and ripped people off using Rick's name - and yet he won't face any charges.

So: someone who's made no attempt to lie about his identity - risk to national security, must be locked up. Someone who has faked their identity - go on, go about your way, just don't do it again, you cheeky monkey, you.

No, seriously, they even have a department that's meant to be looking after the security of its people there now, and everything.

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