Wednesday, October 29, 2003

THANKS A BUNCH, ERNIE: Apparently, Sting's entire music career might never have happened if he hadn't walked in on his Mum getting a pint of gold top from the Milkman. Obviously not the milkman who was his father (who, of course, we learned recently, taught Sting all about hard work), but a different milkman entirely. We're not entirely sure we buy this story - surely the housewife getting a little something extra from the dairyman is merely an urban myth - but he tells the story in his autobiography, so it must be true. And who's to say that Sting is wrong to out his mother as having taken a lover all those years ago? Mr. Sting is a totally devoted young man who would never stray from his Trude, and so has a firm right to a moral high ground on this one.

Mind you, we're now a little confused - the other week he was saying how great his dad was, heading off every day except christmas at the crack of dawn to work, work, work... now it seems that maybe he was letting things slide on the home front. We live in confusing times, don't we?

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