Friday, October 03, 2003

WEAKENED, OFF: At some point today, No Rock is going to take in its pavement tables, push up those candy-striped canopies and put the shutters across the windows as we go off for a weekend elsewhere. However, to keep you going until our return*:

Pitchfork Media offer a range of fine MP3 downloads, including Dressy Bessy, Broadcast, Ssion and Beat Happening.
mmmexchange has nothing to do with music, but everything to do with food. Its primary purpose is to hook up people who desire food from places they don't live in, but any sort of food-related discussion is valid within its comfortable domains.
Justin and Ryan - not, we suspect, a genuine transcript of Justin Timberlake and Ryan Adams' TV show.
For no real reason Lisa Scott-Lee and some baby. In Welsh.

See you some time Sunday.

* - we wholeheartedly believe that without regular No Rock updates, you will either die or at least feel somewhat disorientated.

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