Friday, October 24, 2003

WHENEVER, WHEREVER: Wonderful news that Shakira has been appointed a goodwill ambassador by UNICEF, a role that will sit incredibly well with her other ambassadorial role - that of the one as Reebok's representative on planet pop. The UNICEF side of her will be able to get exclusive access to the Reebok side of her, and ask such pertinent questions as how the conditons of workers in Reebok's El Salvador factories will be improved by being forced to join company-run puppet unions instead of proper, freedom of association unions; or - equally pertinently - how a company can happily try and flog glorified pumps directly to children , and isn't there something a little bit unsavoury about a goodwill ambassador also being the purveyor of over-priced tat to kids?

We're guessing that the picture only looks like it should be captioned "Shakira receives new product from one of the senior workers on a Reebok production line, yesterday."

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