Wednesday, October 08, 2003

WHY ANGER MANAGEMENT SUCKS: The New U2 album is 'fuelled by The Edge's anger', says Bono - apparently unconcerned that one of his oldest friends and longest suffering ("serving") colleagues is sickened by Mr. Vox's snuggling up to George Bush and various others bringers of bad. Bono cackles that it's lead to a great album. We wish that instead of using his guitar to work out his frustrations on music, The Edge had used his guitar to work out his frustrations on the soft-top of Bono's head. Bono reckons the only reason U2 release albums now is because he desperately craves attention ("the albums are monsters") - which is true; listening to a couple of minutes of Old, Rich man wailing is quite, quite monstorous to our ears.

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