Monday, November 10, 2003

I ASK MYSELF/ IS IT A SIN/ TO BE FLEXIBLE/ WHEN THE SHIP COMES IN?: We wonder how long Yoko weighed the legacy of Lennon against the possibility of big piles of cash before she allowed Delta Goodrem to change the lyrics of Happy Christmas (war is over) - to the even more rubbish 'happy christmas (please let the war be over)' This means we're looking the prospect of three versions of this godawful dirge kicking about this festive season - the Pop Idol chimps, Delta and the reissue of the Lennon version. Obviously, great news for Yoko who will have extra cash to spend on her campaign to have Paul McCartney walled up forever in a toilet in the east end, but bad news for the rest of us. Surely this is the last year where we need to have pacifism portrayed as a dirgey, middle class, school-choir-melody activity? "Ooh, I'm a bit concerned about Iraq... I know, I'll record a nappy-wearing hippy-dippy ballad - that'll show the White House. I mean, if you're going to change the lyric, at least do it so that it becomes a knife which is still keen - 'Happy Xmas (Mission Accomplished)', perhaps?

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