Friday, November 14, 2003

WHY AMERICANS RULE: They rule because not only have they shunned Robbie Williams like the twat he is, but they review Taboo, fresh in New York, as they should - as a theatrical presentation that expects people to pay for tickets, rather than the way British people did, as if it was some sort of state visit:

"For what seems a transparent reason -- giving O'Dowd a role in the show commensurate with his yearning for attention -- the part of Bowery has been pumped up ludicrously. In fact, it upstages Morton's Boy George. (O'Dowd even gets the last curtain call.) [...] He and O'Dowd traveled in the same circles, and Bowery even appeared in Boy George videos. But in no revelatory way do their lives intersect, and there is not much of an attempt by the authors to justify the paralleling of their stories."

And, of course, the only reason George appears as Bowery is that its the only way he can get away with his ludicrous neck-shading onstage. Apparently Rosie O'Donnell has burned through ten million bringing this to Broadway - we hope, for the sake of our American friends, this will give people pause if they were thinking New York could do with a version of the Rod Stewart musical.

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