Wednesday, December 03, 2003

BITTER OLD MEN: Keef is miffed at Mick's acceptance of a Knighthood, because getting honours from the establishment isn't what the Rolling Stones is all about, apparently. (We're not quite sure what the Stones are meant to be about, to be honest - frankly, if we're meant to choose between a Stones with Mick sucking up to the queen and, say, a Stones with Bill Wyman fucking a thirteen year old girl and being treated like a superstudmuffin as a result, we'd have to plump for the former, albeit through gritted teeth. What is Keith afraid of? Afraid its going to put off the corporate sponsors for the Stones tour? Afraid it will stop the luxury boxes at the Stones gigs from selling out to the toffs? I don't think so. Yeah, Mick should have stopped short of agreeing to go down on one knee before the queen if he wanted to preserve those rock credentials. But also, he should never have made the solo album. And he should never have toured with the band once it got past the point where they got reduced rates on their tour bus because of their passes. And they should never have traded indoor venues for playing football stadiums. Keith, baby, it's another nail in a coffin that's already been welded shut and had a sixteen tonne elephant sat upon it. We know you're just pissed off because you've not got a little gong yourself.

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