Tuesday, December 02, 2003

"DIDN'T HURT A BIT. DIDN'T CRY. I'M A BIG BRAVE BOY: Of course, having spent the last year desperate to get any headlines he could - "I fucked Britney! No, honest! Over here! Me!", the first time something happens to Fred Durst that people might actually want to know about, he trys to come across all coy and pretend he don't want no kind of attention like that. Durst proclaims being hit in the face with something sharp "a very rock and roll moment", and so we really hope that he continues to experience an awful lot of rock and roll moments in the weeks to come. We notice that the Limp Bizkit site has been redesigned to match the band's Consignia-style rebranding as limpbizkit - note that in the band shot, Fred is wearing a black hat. You might also note they seem ever less like a teen rock band and give off the air of a bunch of guys who've persuaded their wives to let them go fishing this weekend providing they fix up the shed when they get back.

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