Monday, December 29, 2003

FEELING A LITTLE FLAT: We doubt if we'd be able to turn down their chequebook, but even so, we can't help but feel a little disappointed that Pepsi have bought Pink up lock, stock and attitude to front a new pop campaign called "international!" (the lower case 'i' and the exclamation mark are all part of the trademark, we gather.)

The launch blurb is an art trip in itself:

Pink is delighted about the signing; 'I'm really excited to be hooking up with Pepsi, it means my fans around the world will be able to get lots more of my music and there will be cool stuff for them to win too!' Pink's off-the-wall attitude perfectly encapsulates Pepsi's Dare For More message for 2004 and consumers can gain exclusive access to their favourite star through a series of Pepsi initiatives.

We know that Pink didn't actually say anything like "there will be cool stuff for them to win too" but, oh, it hurts that she allowed her manager to rubber stamp the phrase when Pepsi's advertising people ran it past them. Meanwhile, as consumers, we're waiting for the series of Pepsi initiatives that will allow us to gain exclusive access to someone whose "off the wall attitude" so encapsulates the core message of Dare For More.

Although we guess it means there will be cans with Pink on the side, so that's good. Pity it has to be the second best cola, though. Also kind of disturbing that she's happy to shackle herself to Pepsico while there's the little matter of their Walkers workers having to hold union meetings in car parks after they removed that basic human right of free association from their staff: clearly, while Pepsi's message in 2004 might be 'Dare for more', they don't want it to be achieved through group action.

Might we take this opportunity to compare Pink with damn Britney Spears?

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