Thursday, December 04, 2003

ISN'T HE BAD ENOUGH ALREADY WITHOUT TELLING HIM HE'S OH SO GOOD?: Somebody has taken it upon themselves to compile a book of sermons that draw upon U2 songs for their inspiration. Most, almost certainly, will be built around I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, but the sole English contribution is a lecture that takes Playboy Mansion as its text - although the rev involved, Derek Walmsley, has never actually given it because he's not sure that enough of his congregation would know who U2 are to make it worthwhile. That might at least help tethering the Bono ego down slightly, but the mere fact they found enough material for the book is scary - Christians have got the whole of the Bible, one of the most sublime collections of myth, tale and uplifting example to work with, and yet they feel the need to raid 'With or Without You' to give themselves something to talk about.

Is it just us, or does everyone else have the voice of Reverend Lovejoy echoing in their skulls right now? In our church, he's saying "For did not Bono hy-imself say 'walk away, walk away, walk away; I will follow?"

While Bono is trying to muscle Jesus out of his popular number one slot at the pews, he's also going to get a Humanitarian Award from the family of Martin Luther King. Bono says "I am delighted to be recognised by the people of Humanitaria. Do I get to be photographed shaking the hands of anyone cool?"

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