Wednesday, December 03, 2003

JUST-INCH? NOT ACCORDING TO HIS GRAN: We really, really don't want to know how Justin Timberlake's gran can be sure that Britney's lying about the size of Timbo's todger, but we're just delighted she felt the need to share it with us. Can you imagine how Justin will be feeling? It's bad enough when your nan claims to her mates down the bingo you've got lots of GCSEs when you only passed Pottery and Sports Theory, but that's got to be nothing compared with the shame of seeing your silver-haired granmama pop up on MTV boasting about your penis size. Especially when the only person who is speaking up is your gran, rather than a bunch of satisified lovers saying "We still walk bandy-legged". Until such times as we get an indepenent witness, we're carrying on thinking of him as the Inch High Private Guy.

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