Wednesday, December 03, 2003

LOW CHURCH: Talking exclusively to the Oxford Student (we're guessing that they couldn't find a PR for Zippy, George and Bungle), Charlotte Church has Charlotte Church has dangled the tantalising prospect that she might shut up and have babies instead of making more records and such. The icWales report of the interview is wonderfully demented - it suggests she shows her "fun side" by saying she'd quite like an i-Pod, and, says the Welsh site "she proved she has strong opinions when it comes to other people's music." Erm... really?: "I saw Christina Aguilera at Wembley Arena, though I was pretty ill that night so I only got to hear a couple of tracks. Before that I saw Prince and Craig David in Hong Kong and Robbie Williams, Bon Jovi, and the Manics." Strong, insightful criticism there, certainly. She does say she thinks Victoria Beckham has got a weak voice, but that's hardly being very strident, is it?

But hang on, icWales hasn't finished yet: "When asked who she most admired Charlotte gave what might seem like typical answers for a girl of her age, though clearly she has more insight into her heroine's lives than most people. Ah, such insight... and what does she teach us? Britney is a "really strong chick", Nicole Kidman is "just really cool" and Kylie "has proved her talent by becoming big in the US." (oh, yeah?).

Most perplexing of all, having given perhaps one of the dullest drudgery-filled interviews since Radio Times axed A day In The Life ("ooh, I like a bacon sandwich, me... I shop at Asda... I eat take-away"), Church claims she'd been "too open" with the media and wishes she'd kept a "bit of herself" back. Here's a hint, Charlie - you could start by not spending an interview droning on about what time you get up and whether you use butter, marge or I Can't Believe Its Not Butter.

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