Tuesday, December 30, 2003

ME AGAINST THE MUSIC DOWNLOADS: This year saw Britney Spears being used as a tool against the evil filesharers who would deny the management at BMG their shiny leather sofas. According to Yahoo's search terms rundown, more people took this as a sign to seek out Kazaa than to seek out Britney.

Also on a download kick, we were delighted and amused to see that a computer virus circulating the web right now pretends to be from the FBI - although it starts off sounding like it's come from Jason Pierce:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Downloading of Movies, MP3s and Software is illegal and punishable by law.
We hereby inform you that your computer was scanned under the IP . The
contents of your computer were confiscated as an evidence, and you will be indicated.
You get the charge in writing, in the next days.
In the Reference code: #46129, are all files, that we found on your computer.
The sender address of this mail was masked, to protect us against mail bombs.
- You get more detailed information by the Federal Bureau of Investigation -FBI-
- Department for "Illegal Internet Downloads", Room 7350
- 935 Pennsylvania Avenue
- Washington, DC 20535, USA

Now, having seen the pisspoor attempts of the FBI to investigate the anthrax attacks and "terrorist" activity in the US and beyond (if they knew who the supposed hijackers of the Air France flights were, why not wiat until they tried to board the plane and arrest them?), we could almost be led to believe they would send out such a cockanamee email, but it is, of course, just a lame attempt to get people to open the attachment.

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