Friday, January 02, 2004

HEY... I'VE GOT A GREAT IDEA HOW WE CAN REVIVE OUR FLAGGING CAREER: Let's not write off Girls Aloud just yet, shall we - it would be too easy to dismiss them as a worn-out bunch for whom the Knock of Opportunity has been replaced by the tap-tap of death watch beetle. But, as this picture (from GAY on New year's eve) shows, they're doing their best to cling to fame:

You said no tongue

... it's not merely an inept faded photocopier of the not-very-interesting-to-begin-with Madonna-Britney snog, is it?

We hear the band's My Little Pony diaries have got "Try to crack America" written in for May. That is, we suspect, except for Nadine Coyle's, who clearly has been picked to get the spin-off solo career. We're expecting her first solo FHM cover in July, followed by a single in September.

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