Wednesday, January 07, 2004

IT'S ALL PART OF THE HEALING PROCESS: George Harrison's doctor is in trouble again as he's now being sued by the estate over claims that he took photos of the dying Beatle and got him to sign autographs and a guitar while on his death bed. This is supposedly against George's will, but we're not convinced... how would you slip it in like that?

"Mr Harrison? We need your signature on this legal release before we operate... there... and there... and now on this drug chart, under where it says 'patient', could you sign and initial?... and on this sheet, sign there, and write 'to my snookybums'... and then sign next to the X on this document... and then alongside the fretboard on this one..."

Still, there's good news for Dr. Lederman - if he comes to sell the guitar on Ebay, he's going to have tonnes of proof of authenticity.

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