Thursday, January 29, 2004

OOH, I'LL BET HE'S SCARED: The incredible world of Fred Durst's wonky connection to the rest of the planet continues: Now, Durst has got so outraged that someone asked him a question that wasn't 'how great are you?' Jordi Meya from Rock Sound magazine asked Durst 'You have a knack for pissing people off, why is that?' - which is a fair enough question we'd have thought. Indeed, doesn't Durst revel in the fact that a lot of people think he's a great big gnat? But it seems having the temerity to point out that he's a bit an arse is a step too far - Durst rants away:

It not only amazes me that this guy was picked to interview me, but that he is a journalist for one of the most popular music magazines in Europe.
He had the wits to remind me, 'People here are still pissed off about you guys cancelling the show here a couple years ago.'
The event he was referring to was the 'FestiMad' show, which was a large festival style concert in Spain that we had to cancel for safety reasons. Jordi was implying that we let fans down by not performing.
Jordi, since you don't have any regard for constructive or objective journalism, kiss my ass and try to be front and centre at the concert next month.

Let's hope nobody ever asks Fred why he's a fortysomething bloke pretending to be eighteen - he'd probably invite the poor thing onstage.

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