Saturday, January 03, 2004

RUSH RELEASE: We never really had Rush down as being a rowdy band - if someone had asked us, we'd have selected Yes or even Emerson, Lake and Palmer as being more likely to be making with the noise and the threats and the debauched unacceptables. And yet it was Rush bassist Alex 'Lifeson' Zivojinovich who needed police with a stun gun to arrest him on New Year's Eve.

The touble started because his son, Justin, refused to get off the stage during a celebratory event in Naples - obviously a trait he picked up off his dad, what with Rush's tendency to play tunes which lasted way beyond their welcome and usually managed to go beyond the limits of even a shy nun's politest tolerance. Somewhere during the fracas a female police officer ended up flying down some stairs - depending on who you believe, she either fell as she was trying to push Alex down them (according to Justin) or Alex pushed her down the well (according to everyone else).

And they say Canadians don't know how to party, eh?

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