Friday, February 13, 2004

ITS HIM ANDY PEEBLES: Ah, Andy Peebles, we remember you. We recall how in our younger days you had one of those programmes which seemed like they had been running forever on Friday nights on Radio One, the signal that the dismal weekend had seized 275 and 285 metres; from here it would be Junior Choice and Gambacini all the way through until sanity returned with the Top 40 way off on Sunday afternoon. We remember the desperate protoFive Livery of your frequent detours into a look ahead at the sporting weekend ahead. We remember the poor catchphrase - "This is MeAndyPeebles", so poor that Mark Page pinched it almost wholesale. But most of all we remember desperately seeking something, anything else. Good luck, mind, with the new show on Smooth FM, the new format being slapped onto the old North West version of Jazz FM.

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