Thursday, February 12, 2004

MY GOD... COULD YOU IMAGINE THE CHILDREN?: Now he's out of prime time television, can we stop being given news stories about the totally charmless Peter Andre? Especially if they involve him having sex with Mel B. Peter says that he had a really 'spicy' (geddit) affair with her when they were both on a Smash Hits tour a few years back, claiming she was "fantastic in bed" - although obviously he wasn't, as she started doing Jimmy Gulzar behind his back. Probably fancied a man whose tits weren't bigger than her own, then. And, with all the worldiness of a twelve year old, Andre drools about her bisexuality:

"It's just a shame she never brought a friend home with her - now that would have been great!"

Yeah. Might have given poor Mel at least a chance of an orgasm. Although we can't shake the feeling Andre was just picturing two handbags full of hair products.

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