Sunday, February 08, 2004

ON THE WINGS OF LOVE: In an industry stuffed with bitter people and musicians desperate to make us listen to their new stuff, rather than the things that people actually like, we're pleased to be able to tip our hat to Jeffrey Osbourne. He's relatively relaxed that he's kind of a musical equivalent of Santa, mainly in demand once a year (in his case, around February 14th) and, more importantly, not that bothered that people who come to his gigs are more interested in his hits than the more recent stuff. Indeed, he's one of the few artists who manages to think like a gig-goer:

"There are so many hits from the past, songs they've grown up with. I feel when you start injecting new material, it breaks up the flow a bit. It doesn't bother me -- I feel better not force-feeding people something to promote my new CD. When I go to a show, it usually pisses me off too when (artists) end up playing five or six songs for their new album."

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