Tuesday, February 10, 2004

PIXIES BEST OF TRACKLISTING, ANYBODY?: Even if the band falls apart during its reunion tour, the Pixies best of is unstoppable. (Actually, haven't we already had a Pixies best of before? Death to the Pixies?. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because Wave of Mutilation is probably going to be better, or different, or something. Here's a side-by-side comparison* of what's on offer

Wave of Mutilation

01 Bone Machine
02 Nimrod's Son
03 The Holiday Song
04 Caribou
05 Broken Face
06 Gigantic [single version]
07 Vamos [Surfer Rosa version]
08 Hey
09 Monkey Gone To Heaven
10 Debaser [Doolittle version]
11 Gouge Away
12 Wave Of Mutilation
13 Here Comes Your Man
14 Tame
15 Where Is My Mind?
16 Into The White
17 Velouria
18 Allison
19 Dig For Fire
20 U-Mass
21 Alec Eiffel
22 Planet Of Sound
23 Winterlong [Neil Young]

Death to the Pixies
1. Cecilia Ann
2. Planet Of Sound
3. Tame
4. Here Comes Your Man
5. Debaser
6. Wave Of Mutilation
7. Dig For Fire
8. Caribou
9. Holiday Song
 10. Nimrod's Son
11. U-Mass
12. Bone Machine
13. Gigantic
14. Where Is My Mind ?
15. Velouria
16. Gouge Away
17. Monkey Gone To Heaven

* - well, one on top of the other, actually...

As we can see, in the new album time has been judged to make us all feel happier about Planet of Sound - which I'm far from certain is actually the case...

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